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What is the PTA?

PTA is the acronym for Parent Teacher Association.  Without parents and teachers, there is no PTA.

Are PTA board members paid?

PTA board members volunteer 100% of their time.

Do I have to be a PTA member to attend meetings?

No, not at all!  We welcome all parents to attend meetings and will happily add your ideas/concerns/suggestions to our agenda for discussion. However, non-members may not serve on the board or vote on any issues.

I pay taxes, why does the PTA need money to fund programs and services?

Tax dollars only go so far and over the past few years, with a failing economy, there have been many cutbacks.  IUSD and IPSF are generous in contributing to our schools but cannot provide funds for everything.  That’s where the PTA steps in to be sure the excellent level of education, for OUR children, is not affected by lack of funding for special programs and technology.

Can I be a part of the financial decision making?

Yes!  PTA members who come to meetings can participate in financial planning and can vote on specific issues.

What events do you have planned for this year?

We have many new, fun and exciting ideas for this year in addition to our Book Fair, Ice Cream Social, Movie Nights, Jog-A-Thon, and Red Ribbon Week, to name a few.

What is the Pledge Drive?

The Pledge Drive is one of two primary fundraisers of the year and is held in the fall.  The other is our annual Jog-a-thon, held in March.  We receive 100% of the proceeds from the Pledge Drive and Jog-a-thon, unlike other fundraisers where we only receive a portion of sales.  We’ve created a convenient form to make your pledge via cash, check, or online via credit/debit.

Can I participate in the Pledge Drive and not become a PTA member?

You do not have to become a PTA member to donate to the Pledge Drive.

Do I have to donate to the Pledge Drive to become a PTA member?

No, you can use the same convenient form to join the PTA for $20 and not donate to the Pledge Drive.

Are there incentives for joining the PTA?

Joining the PTA is an excellent way to know what is happening at our school.  Volunteers find their PTA experience both fun and rewarding.  Additionally, PTA members can enjoy perks such as: LEGOLAND discount coupons, up to 20% off of Hertz car rentals, and discount rates at Enterprise Rent a Car, just to name a few.  Click HERE for more details.

I work and am very busy!  Do PTA members have to volunteer their time?

You do not have to volunteer your time to become a PTA member but we welcome anyone who would like to help!  PTA is fun!

Is there anyone who can answer my question that is not listed on this Q & A?

Absolutely!  Simply email your questions to  We're happy to help!


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